Death Rider


Death Rider's review

by Peter Warrior

Race on full speed and blow rivals off

  • Fun, free
  • Odd gameplay tweaks
  • More cars and stuff would be great

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"The most daredevil group of daffy drivers..."

Death Rider is in the midst of several genres. It's a racing game with machine guns and missiles, but also has reminiscences of Temple Run and even old handheld three lanes racing games, and there's a campaign mode and, as if this wasn't enough, you can go multiplayer if you register to Gamenet. It won't be highlighted for its graphics or animations, which are plain fine but nothing compared to the blockbusters we all know, but it's really, really fun, you can learn to play in a minute and spend all the evening stuck to the screen.

Made to order, more emphasis on the characters (much like Death Race 2000 or Wacky Races) would have been great, let alone weather or any other surprise, because even game speed increases, it may become boring because there aren't races at all when you play solo, enemies show up there as mere obstacles, and that feeling can burden player's experience.

In conclusion, a cool game, perfect to be played for a while as long as you don't find something productive to do.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jul 30, 2013

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