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    Published: 2014-05-28, by .

    Trick out your custom racer and win competitions across the globe

    • High quality graphics
    • Great for garage monkeys
    • Tons of upgrades available
    • Driving portion of the game very simplistic

    "Start your engines"


    Drag Racing 4x4 is actually more about tweaking your vehicle than about racing techniques. The racing part is just shifting up at precisely the right moment - no actual steering required. The emphasis is on using your winnings to upgrade your wheels. If you love tuning cars, you'll find plenty of details here for you; otherwise, steer clear.


    Lots of different upgrades for your car. Tweak it out to look and play just like you like. Attractive graphics in the garage.


    No actual driving component. Gameplay too simple to hold your attention for long.

    Original review from May 28, 2014:

    Speed isn't all you need in Drag Racing 4x4. To earn trophies around the globe, you'll have to upgrade your ride in all kinds of ways, maxing out its precision, acceleration, and all sorts of other upgrades. It's a gorgeous app for the cap tweaking fanatic, the one who would love to spend all her or his time tooling around in the garage. The driving part of the game is really simple, requiring neither steering nor swerving, but simply shifting up at precisely the right moment. For this reason, it's really more game about upgrades than driving.

    Original score: 7.0

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