Drunk Race



Do you want to know why drunk guys don't run on sports events? You can find out in this funny action game! Guide our drunk man to the end of the track, and make the best time!

How to play the game:
- Select control method (touch&move or tilt controls) and start the game!
- You can select different events, which has obstacles, or don't have those, also difficulty, which tells the drunk level.
- While running, our athlete starts to tilt left and right, according to his drunk level, you need to correct this, cause the speed will decrease.
- Also, if you hit the side of the track, you fall down, and get disqualified.
- You have to go around the obstacles, cause you lose speed if you don't!
- You can find bonuses on the track, which increase your speed.
- Compete for the best times with Scoreloop high score table support!

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