Fast Racing 3D


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A racing game

  • Easy to learn
  • Original bet system
  • Graphics and physics can be improved

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"Drift and shout"

Even when there are racing games of every color under the sun out there, it's a genre with enough players as to allow developers to release new games over time, maybe without so much noise and ambitions, but equally enjoyable.

An original touch is a bet system allowing you to bet coins before the race starts. Of course, there's the standard unlockable, upgradeable cars gallery. Physics aren't as realistic as we've seen in other games, but in exchange this game is easier to master.

Graphics and animations are acceptable, as are sound effects and music, even though it rather seems that streets are too wide or cars too small. It's what we could call an average racing game, perfect if your device can't bear other well known blockbusters or if you don't want to mess with more complex and demanding games.

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Nov 27, 2014

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