Lie Detector Polygraph



Lie Detector acts as a polygraph to tell you truth or lie!

And you can fool your friends!

Great looking True/False Lie Detector is the best Lie Scaner in Android Market
Application is fake lie detector designed to fool your friends or family.

Remember, first You need to know the answer of the question You are going to ask.

Realistic graphic and sounds turns this app in powerfull prank or kids manipulation and controlling device!

How it works?:
- app isn't giving random answer
- You can absolutely control what it answer with a dead easy trick:
a) Ask the question
b) Press Start
c) Focus on the color of middle led (remember - only middle one is correct!)
d) when you Tilt/move Your mobile to right or left the middle led will change the color (green - true, red - false)
e) When You know that person is lying just tilt/move Your mobile to right
f) When You know that person is telling true just tilt/move Your mobile to left

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