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Light Racer's review

by Peter Warrior

A puzzle-racing game.

  • Free
  • Gameplay settings
  • Too retro graphics.

"Retro-futuristic race to the death"

Since Tron, colored light trail motorcycles racing around a tiled vectorial space has becoming too regular.

That kind of games must have something to catch us all. Either they are very simple to play or we haven't to think too much, games as Light Racer have always had many downloads.

In short, an easy and entertaining game. There's nothing to complain about. There's a short campaign mode (ten levels), a how-to-play tip before every race (nearly unnecessary "avoid crashing to survive") and classic or arcade mode. First levels can be too easy because the IA is very creative when it comes to killing itself, but don't worry: in a few levels you'll be tapping the screen trying to reproduce the forms you made when you played Snake on that Nokia a decade ago.

Non intrusive adds. Sound and gameplay options. Recommendable for old-school players. If you want something more modern, check Light Racer 3D out from this same developer, Battery Powered Games.

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Jun 09, 2011

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