MilDel-S_Lite -Shooting game-



MilDel-S_Lite is 3D shooting game for free and easy.
You keep shooting the ten obstacles before the goal !

Is an action racing game of calf " Minoko " is to deliver milk.
In addition, in time, the goal to prevent the loss of milk.

== How To Play ==

---- If the joystick ----

++ Joystick on the left ++

Left - Will rotate to the left

Right - Will rotate to the right

Down - Go back

++ Joystick on the right ++

Up - Runs ( Axel )

Down - Deceleration ( Brake )

---- If the accelerometer ----

Back - Runs ( Axel )

Front - Deceleration ( Brake )

There is no function of the "back" for the accelerometer

It may be a "drift" in Together the rotation and brake.

S - Put a small box.