Monster Truck Stunts Driver



Monster trucks are huge, powerful machines built not for racing, but to perform spectacular stunts. And one thing’s for sure – they can sure put on an awesome show! Try one of these incredible vehicles out in this great new game called Monster Truck Stunts!

There are eight levels for you to go through. You will have to jump off ramps, climb over rocks and avoid various other obstacles – all of this while making sure you keep your monster truck on all four wheels! If your machine ends up on its head – you lose and will have to restart the level. Each level is timed and the score you get at the end depends on how quickly you finish the course. You can also get extra points by doing flips in the air with your monster truck – this can be risky, so be careful, but it’s quite a fun challenge and well worth it in the end.

• Test your stunt driving skills as you go through each of the 8 levels
• Complete each obstacle course as fast as possible without flipping your monster truck on its head
• Perform stunts in the air for extra points!

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