Need for Speed Most Wanted


Need for Speed Most Wanted's review

by Peter Warrior

The last so far title in the NfS series, ported to mobile devices

  • Great races. It's about that in the end, isn't it?
  • Technically outstading
  • No lite or trial version
  • No open world, not even a little one

"You might well brake sometimes"

This is the INternational version of Need for Speed Most Wanted. If you were looking for the Europan version for Android, it's here.

Need for Speed is one of those games that definitely need no presentation, it's the racing game par excellence and EA knows well that it's a franchise it should take good care about. However, even though NFS:MW might be one of the best three racing games so far for mobile, and races (that's what's about, racing, don't forget that), PC and console games will miss some essential features: first and lastly, in the mobile version there isn't an open world anymore, you can't roam at your whim. You race throughout a series of old school menus, and races look positively good and are intense and thrilling, no complaints about that.

Graphics, animations and sounds are what you should expect and even a little bit better. It's only that we expected much, much more about all the rest, because you can make a solid and outstanding racing game, but if you want to developer the best racing game, you have also to achieve excellence in every other area.

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Mar 26, 2013

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