Nitro Car Racing



Grab and get your Helmet on, and run in to the Nitro Car Racing Track! Nitro Car Racing is a simple retro Top-down arcade racer with ultra smooth gameplay for your Kindle Fire. You drive a retro styled red F1 nitro car and go back to the arcade machines of the years 80s with this great game. The gameplay is very simple and fun, you drive a F1 nitro mini car, when you driving collect all the power-ups that you see in to the track, choose the perfect racing drive line, avoid the obstacles and surpasses all other cars to win and unlock all 8 track levels! Have fun with this awesome game!
Product feature bullets:
• 3D prerendered sprite images
• 8 fantastic racetracks
• Great soundtrack
• Ultra-fluid top view game play
• 3 cars opponents

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