Prison Break



Story of Chicken Run

A long time ago in a farm far, far away...

They are a group of chicken in the prison,
longing for escaping from a cage. Hen Jinjie smart and courageous, she never
succumbed to this slavery-like life. Therefore, she determined to lead everyone
escaped farm! Each plan had failed, the leaders were locked up in separate
black sites. Once they out, they will try again.

What would you do if you are the leader?
Let's run!!

1. Perfect background
2. Lively sounds
3. Adventured experience.
4. Endless fun

1. You will have to hurry up to escape. Or
your owner Tewei Di may catch you and may lock you in the dark.
2. There are a three roads for you to
3. There will appear some blocks to defend
you from running.
4. What you should do is avoid blocks to
maintain your speed.
If 0100not, you may get slow down and your
hunter may catch up with you.
5. You may switch to different road.
It will exercise your hand and eye
6. The long you run, the more scores you
7. In the process of your running, you may
come across eggs.
Try to get it. It will offer you a longer
distance from hunter.
8. If you see a sign of STOP, please switch
to another road.
In this way you will not stop for a while.
9. In the end, you will get a result of
your running about distance and scores.

You only can see a short distance on the
Only when you get close to the ending of
the screen will you see next short distance.
That is to say, you may face an unexpected

This game may bring you a lot of fun.
Let's run!

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Have fun!

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