Reckless Getaway


Reckless Getaway's review

by Peter Warrior

A car chase game

  • Free, ad-supported
  • So much fun
  • It could have more vehicles to drive

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"Quick! Follow that car!"

This is an old school game. You're a bank robber chased away by cops in a thrilling and dangerous road trip avoiding oncoming cars, jumping over police barriers and, in short, doing your best to reach the goal and not end beneath a train or whatever. Stages are very twisted and tricky, and it's hard to know them by heart so you'll better improvise and react: there are shortcuts everywhere and there are different ways to fool the cops AI (who are quite smart by the way). Likewise there are many different "enemies" (namely, from familiar cars to bulldozers) and different scenarios ranging from the mild suburbs to clover-like highway junctions.

This game supports 5 languages, can be controlled by tilting or on-screen buttons. Although it's closer to arcade gaming than other similar games, it's as fun as any racing game if not more.

This paid version is free of ads.

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Aug 21, 2013

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