Road Rage



Adam Smith is usually a pretty calm guy but this morning is another story. Adam slept in and was already late for work and the "Big Presentation" when he got caught for speeding.

Well today he's not stopping for anyone! Help Adam escape the police by weaving through traffic and shaking the cops off his tail. He's seriously pissed off and full of ROAD RAGE!

- Very Addicting
- Easy to learn
- 60 FPS
- Over 25 different vehicles to avoid
- Realistic gameplay
- Tilt steering
- Speed controls (Brake and Speed burst)
- Realistic sounds
- Lifetime statistics
- Challenging gameplay

**How To Play**
- Tilt left and right to steer
- Get rid of the cop before the timer in the top right goes to zero or your BUSTED
- Hold the brake button to BRAKE
- Tap and hold the speed burst button for SPEED BURST and BONUS points

- The longer you hold the SPEED BURST the more bonus points you'll get.

Help Adam escape and let out some rage!


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