Run 'em over (ram the zombies)



    A strange obelisk is turning people into zombies!
    You need to reach it and save humankind.

    Earn cash to upgrade your vehicle and drive through a horde of zombies.
    Unlock new vehicles by reaching checkpoints and strike the monsters with everything you have.
    Bigger and stronger is better!

    We recommend playing with headphones for a greater experience.

    * easy to control
    press and hold sides of the screen to accelerate/break
    tap sides to tilt the vehicle when in air
    tap on the right side when trying to climb a hill or driving over an obstacle

    * action packed
    drive through a horde of zombies and mummies
    smash through crates and explosives
    break zombie hands as they try to reach out of the ground
    evade traps and other obstacles

    * online rankings
    compete against other players
    integrated into the world map
    replay levels and be the fastest to reach the checkpoint

    * long gameplay
    story mode features 10 zombie packed levels full of obstacles and surprises
    4 vehicles to buy and upgrade fuel, acceleration, speed and handling
    story mode vehicles: an oldtimer, a used small car (yugo), a beat-up pickup and a hummer

    * complete story mode to unlock additional content
    drive through an infested cave
    11 challenging levels
    3 new vehicles (a beetle, a jeep and a construction vehicle) with a new upgrade;
    upgrade your battery to prevent your lights going out in the dark cave
    lot of new obstacles (explosives, piles of wood, earthquakes, volcanoes, ground changes, crystals, mine carts, bones and more undead!

    Are you ready to save humankind?

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