Run Robo Run



"RED ALERT!!!RED ALERT!!!A Robo has escaped to Earth..", announced the guards of Jelly Robos, a mystical alien land far away from Earth.

Somewhere on the green fields of our wonderful land, a little Robo is seen. Running and jumping he enjoys his time on Earth. But no sooner, a spaceship from his evil land comes to hunt him down! Won't you help our poor lil Robo escape???? Simple controls and easy game play assures you a thrilling gaming experience. A striking and addictive game for all ages!

*The vibrant lil Robo is sure fast and moves to your TAP and HOLD.
*Creative interactivity promising countless hours of fun.
*FLAUNT your best scores in your personalized profile page.
*Bombs, Lives, Flower Bonuses and much more to keep you wanting more.
*Impressive graphics and incredible sound effects.

- Tap once to jump and double tap to jump a little more!
- Tap & hold to get more height on jump!
- Avoid bombs on the path.
- Do not Forget 'Lives' and 'Flower Bonuses'.

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