Snow Driving game.

Try World Score Ranking, and country ranking, your own ranking.

Because it is a snowy day, the way is slippery.
As a stage advances, please warn the way because it becomes easy to glide.

Stage 1 is easy.
Stage 2 is little difficult.
Stage 3 is difficult.

You can enjoy this game only in your device.

But if you submit your score, then you can use the World Ranking System on the server.

Please set the gamer's nickname and a country if even you are good.
It's free.

Then, as well as world ranking, you will find the ranking according to the country and ranking of your own.

If you want to enjoy world ranking only with score value, the setting of the name and the country does not have.
It's OK with Initial setting.

It can drive the inside where the powdery snow flies when I change setting.

Please enjoy, and share this game with the world user.

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