Space Run FREE



Accelerate your spaceship through space and reach speeds faster than light! Hit the max speed, dodge obstacles, collect power-ups, survive and thrive! In the vacuum of space, it's just you against the elements. Easy gameplay will make sure you are hooked to the race and intuitive controls focus you on the action.

In this space adventure, you will be tested on your speed and maneuverability. Your objective is to cover the maximum distance while avoiding the obstacles as you fly through the star filled universe in your hover vehicle. Maneuver your rocket in the space, be careful to avoid collision with deadly obstacles and other space dangers in your path. Hit as many speed strips as possible to get to the fastest speed and reach the farthest distance, but as things speed up it will test your maneuvering skills and endurance to the core. Fly through space and boost your high powered hovercraft to new speeds. Manipulate time to get to your objective - the ultimate high score. Remember game difficulty increases with the distance you cover. Pilot your space shuttle and reach extreme speeds in outer space. Will you survive the ultimate space test?

The game is extremely futuristic illustrating man’s conquest of the universe. In this interstellar space colony you will be able to experience the breathtaking beauty of the entire solar system. Travel at light speed in awesome high tech hovercrafts and immerse yourself in the rich audiovisual gameplay experience.

★ Fly over speed strips to pick up speed
★ Dodge obstacles to stay alive
★ Quick to learn, challenging to master
★ Exciting arcade gameplay. Raw undiluted racing madness!
★ Gorgeous 3D graphics and sound effects
★ Completely free, no hidden purchases

Will you survive one of the most absorbing, bone-chilling experiences on your mobile? Go get your spacecraft out for a quick drive through space and get wrecked!

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