Speed Night 2


Speed Night 2's review


Speed Night 2 is a simple car racing game

  • Graphics
  • Online leaderboards
  • Controls
  • "Poor" upgrading system
  • Only one track
  • Only one game mode

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"Race against the clock"

Were you looking for a simple car racing game just to kill that time at the bus stop (or the WC?). You've got to the right place. However, don't expect much more from Speed Night 2. A simple game set in quite acceptable 3D graphics with a single level track, where the purpose is to collect as many coins trying to beat your own record in each lap.

Since every time you cross the "goal" the checkpoint time you are given is 5 seconds less than the previous lap, it will become more and more difficult to beat. In order to get the maximum score, you will have to make the perfect lap, without crashing with any other car, and perfectly complete curves. Car upgrades will help you improve your personal best, but they aren't cheap, so pay attention on collecting coins while racing.

Although graphics are acceptable and including online leaderboards make it more challenging, the game lacks of basic stuff: different environments, different game modes, a better-crafted upgrading system and a more "realistic" driving. Besides, a good timekiller.

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