Top Speed Bike Race Drive4Life



Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and the adrenaline is pumping through your system, as you are about to download the most exciting and addictive Speed Bike racing game available now!

You've just broken out of prison and you have stolen a brand new super turbo charged dirt bike. Push the accelerator and get out of there. You are being followed and chased from every direction, and you want to get away!

Here's the challenge… You are racing down a super busy highway and there is traffic everywhere. You need to keep your eyes peeled to the road and your hands firmly on the handlebars. One wrong move and you will be back in jail!

You will have awesome assistance though…your friends on the outside have arranged a team of drivers who will leave Nitro pick-ups for you to collect along the highway, so you can keep the amazing turbo charged engine revved up and roaring while you make your way to freedom.

Guaranteed to become an instant success, Rad Racer/InfiniSpeed/Bike Hero will keep you addicted to your device as you try to navigate this high powered turbo machine avoiding death and capture at every turn.

Prepare yourself for futuristic sleek racer style graphics, addictive game play and a sound track that will keep your pulse racing and your fingers chasing.

Game centre enabled so you can challenge your friends around the globe to see who deserves to claim the title of Super Elite Escape Bike Racer!
Hours of fun and top quality entertainment for you, your friends and your family. Download Top Speed Bike Race Drive For Life NOW!

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