Truck Parking 3D


Truck Parking 3D's review


One way to learn how to park a large truck.

  • Good graphics
  • Good physics
  • Limited replay potential
  • Remove timing
  • Intrusive ads

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"Learn How To Park A Digital Truck"


This driving simulator allows the player to park their truck in a variety of circumstances. It has decent 3D rendered graphics and the physics match what should happen in the real world. Unfortunately there aren't many levels and replay potential is low.


Truck Parking 3D has good graphics for a simulation. The in-game physics also provide a realistic example of what would happen if you were to be parking a truck in the real world. The controls also function reasonably well for what is required.


With a limited number of levels and no other actions, the game's replay potential is low. There are also a lot of ads and the game also limits the player by putting an arbitrary time on when the level is completed.

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by William

Mar 10, 2015

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