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Arcane Legends is another great mobile MMORPG developed by Spacetime Studios

  • 3D graphics
  • Fantasy world themed
  • It runs smoothly even on medium-end devices
  • Millions of players
  • PvP Capture the Flag Arena mode
  • Characters should be more customizable
  • Some connection loss

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"Legen... dary!"

EXPANSION "Kraken Isles" comes with some interesting features: new areas, travel by ship, pirate Aegir foes and bosses, pets available in player vs. player combat, new pets, level cap raised 5 levels to 26... and many many more. Fans of the saga are going to love it.

UPDATE: Player vs. Player (PvP) via a 4 vs. 4 Capture the Flag Arena mode is now available. Capture the Flag is the most popular PvP mode in the Legends franchise. Initial features for the Arcane Legends release include PvP achievements, titles and leaderboards. Additional PvP modes, maps, play types and gear are all possible for future updates.

Spacetime Studios, the Master of mobile MMORPGs has come back with its greatest title to date. Actually, after being one of the pioneers of this genre on Android OS with games like Pocket Legends, Star Legends or Dark Legends, the guys of Spacetime hit back with great expectations.

Arcane Legends is a pure MMORPG, this time themed like the classic ones: medieval fantastic world where swords and spells coexist to guarantee peace or to break it. Join and enjoy that world already inhabited by other millions of players from around the globe.

You can choose among three classes: Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer. You cannot choose though their appearance (well, just hairstyle and face type): depending on the class, characters have their own looking as well as specific skills. Once the character is selected and customized, you can choose you companion, a brave pet that will help you on you wandering. It will help you, it's true, but in exchange you will have to look after it.

Arcane Legends works similar to other titles of this genre. You will have to build a reputation by fulfilling quests, making fight parties, explore the world and collect items and weaponry that you can equip. Your character will level up and his skills will be boosted. Higher levels characters can complete harder missions, beat tougher enemies and get better items.

The game is set in well-crafted 3D graphics, optimized to be run even on medium-end devices. Actually I tested it on a Samsung Galaxy S and it worked smoothly. Controls are intuitive: a screenpad that focus on point and touch interactions.

Great graphics, smoothness and lots of players. In brief, a turning point in mobile MMORPGs.

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