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Bad Nerd - Open World RPG's review


Bad Nerd is a 3D action RPG game

  • 3D Graphics
  • Different game modes
  • Theme and storyline
  • RPG features
  • Lag in some low/medium-end devices
  • Some modes are under construction yet

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"Revenge of the Nerds"

You're a new nerdy student at this high school. Some bullies are trying you courage: they took your limited edition comic books. You need to get them back and show to all that kids that there's no one on Earth that can bully you without a payback. On your way, you won't just demonstrate your nerve but become the nerds savior.

There's a lot of action and fight in this game. However, Nerds are the good ones, that's it, the ones that use violence just as self-defense not like bullies, that use it for abusing. However, this isn't just about fight, there's a storyline backing it as well as an upgrading system, quests and a store for updating your armory. In a few words, all those elements that makes up a great RPG.

Besides the story mode, there's a online mode (which is under construction) with two sub-modes: Death Match, for fighting against other real players; and Geek Tag (coming soon). Meanwhile, check the prom video: it's worth a download.

3D graphics are stunning, developed with a touch of humor. More realistic moves when fighting would be better though. Controls are intuitive: just three buttons, a joypad for moving on the left side, and two buttons (A,B) on the right side to attack, defend, run, interact with NPC, etc.

The only catch of Bad Nerd is that requires a medium-high or high-end device to run smoothly, otherwise, you will notice some lag. Despite of this, trying it out is must.

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