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A great game to kill some time. The average of one run is 5 to 10 minutes. It is easy to play, but hard to master.
Select a hero to brave the depths of a dungeon, battling undead, demons and various other monsters. During your descent, there will be a variety of different events, including doors with hidden treasures, merchants who sell equipment, fairies that enhance your abilities, monsters that increase in level as you progress deeper and boss monsters blocking your way to deeper levels. You have to choose which events to complete:

* Which monster to defeat first? One that deals less damage or the other one that safeguards useful loot?
* Which door to open with a key, one hiding a treasure in coins or the other, hiding equipment?
* What items to buy first? Great sword? Tower shield? Wind dagger?
* Which ability to upgrade first? Life, attack, defence or speed?

===How to play===
* Choose the event you want to complete. You can scroll events up and down by sliding.
* Try and strategize what items to buy and what stats to level up while keeping your health high.
* Events are randomly generated which means that if you fail, you can try again with completely different events.
* Barbarian: high health, easy to master.
* Berserker: powerful attack, specializes in killing monsters without taking damage.
* Dragoon: balanced offence and defence, very hard to master.
* Thief: high speed and defence, steals equipment to increase attack.
* Asassin: gains health from one-hit-kills.
* ???: finish the game to find more careers.
===How to win===
Defeating any boss will allow you to leave the dungeon and enter the arena.
===The end of the game===
If you can't complete any more events and you haven't defeated at least one boss, you lose. Do not get frustrated, just try again, every run is different. Equipment you find and monsters you kill during your run will be added to a reference sheet.
===After winning the game===
When you enter the arena, your hero leaves the name for the records. Try and beat your own highscore by making a more powerful hero.

You will fall in love with this time killing game.

----- Special Thanks -----
Antonio Mitag, Daniel van der Valk.

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