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by Peter Warrior

An old school RPG.

  • Lots of skills, items and quests

"Be a knight Fight the Darkness!"

This is the complete version of Caligo Chaser. If you want to check it out first, look for Caligo Chaser Free, which is a demo. It means that you''ll be able to play all the game and have access to all skills, weapons and stages.

When you look at the screenshots it may seem that Caligo Chaser is a somewhat retro beat'em up, but it's a RPG instead. You have to look for NPCs to talk, trade and receive or complete quests in order to earn experience and coins to purchase new items like swords, armor and stuff. Skills come in form of stones that can be combined to new abilities and well, you know, you have some stats to reflect your strength, luck, mind, etc. There isn't any surprise so far.

Graphics are nice and gameplay is adequate, promising hours and hours of playing. Controls can be just right, maybe more suited to a qwerty keyboard (as a Desire Z, for example) rather than a touchscreen. We should say that the plot is quite linear: there was an apprentice knight who ought to hone his skills to eventually defeat Darkness written in capitals.

You can only choose a default character, so you can't create your own. It's true that your character will change his outfit according to what he's wearing, but the lack of a character creation system is a flaw no RPG can afford.

In short, if you're into 8bit RPGs, you'll know what to do.

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Jun 28, 2011

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