Crime Inc.


Crime Inc.'s review


It ain't easy being the boss!

  • Good graphics
  • Good sound
  • Compelling gameplay
  • Easy to lose
  • Long load times
  • Tendency to crash

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"Manage A Crime Empire"


Crime Inc. allows the player to delve into the shady world of organized crime. If you like the idea of violently taking out your vicious opponents, then this may be the game for you. Beware of other vicious opponents with more money and time to spend on a game like this.


Expect realistic looking and well-rendered visuals. The sounds adequately compliment the gameplay experience and the social element provides for decent replay potential. There's a lot of bosses out there to test your skill.


It's very easy for players who've invested a lot more time and money than you have to easily take you out, time and time again. There should be a way to make it more fair for new players. The player may experience long load times and a tendency to crash.

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by William

Feb 26, 2015

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