Dark Knight Story


Dark Knight Story's review

by Peter Warrior

A Japanese fantasy game

  • Forcecloses too often

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"Moonlit knight"

Dark Knight is, well, a weird game. Hard to review, but harder to explain, and the odd translation from Japanese doesn't help as all.

It's based on classical JRPGs, with anime design and basic stats (health, magic, experience points and gold) and a card-like game made with matrixes to play battles along slashing or timing minigames, everything set in a yet another standard Lodoss-like fantasy world. You must also interact with other characters and roam the kingdom to find shops and interesting places. Graphics are still, without animations at all, though they may be of your liking if you're into Japanese animation.

However, whatever how interesting it might look like, it gets lost in a sea of forcecloses and otherwise severe technical bugs that make it nearly unplayable. We hope this critical issues get fixed in upcoming updates, because we can't recommend it till then.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Oct 14, 2013

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