Dark Summoner (JP)


Dark Summoner (JP)'s review

by Peter Warrior

A RPG with a twist

  • It's original in its own way
  • Only hardcore games will appreciate it

"What will it be?"

Beware: this is the Japanese version. Unless you master the sacred language of the land of the rising sun, look for the English version not far from here. Our original review on Dark Summoner can be read below for your convenience.

Usually, in RPGs summoning is a poor school in comparison to others (mainly because summoners are always invoking monsters less powerful than themselves), so the first thing that caught my attention about Dark Summoner was if was able to give summonings the place they deserve. Once I watched the Lord-of-the-Rings-like intro, I definitively knew that I wanted to review it.

What I found is a straight forward game, where battles are reduced to stats and there isn't any strategy at all. You become a passive player. Likewise, missions are fulfilled by a tap on an "ok" button. Artwork is good, but can't be enjoyed too much because we usually see cropped images of the monsters used as avatars. Yes, it's true that this game can become actually addictive, but only if you like to play a game where it will take a long while to positively have control about what you can do or not. In the end, the only thing related to RPGs are the theme and that there are stats. It'd be more like a pretending trading card game.

Music deserves a special mention, it's a sort of baroque chorus mixed on an epic soundtrack. Likewise, brief one second or so cinematic sequences are awesome, and it's a pity that they contrast so much with the boring battles. Lastly, updates are annoying. This app needs to check if there are new updates every time we run it.

Although it's true that there must be hundred of monsters and quests to do, we can only recommend this Dark Summoner to hardcore gamers looking for something new.

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