Demons & Dungeons (Action RPG)


Demons & Dungeons (Action RPG)'s review

A dungeon crawling game

  • Overall, above average
  • Great enemy design
  • Ol' school hack and slash
  • Some 3D graphic glitches

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"Devils and catacombs"

Demons & Dungeons (sugar! when will we get rid of the fantasy ampersand syndrome? Mr. Gygax, what did you do?) is an undisguised dungeon crawler game with all the Diablo-like elements you may expect. You have to level up your character, loot treasures, upgrade your weapons and explore the skill tree.

On the good hand, enemies are beautifully designed, and some of them are incredibly huge and fearsome (look those ogres) and the 3D scenery is remarkable, though it sometimes makes odd things and blends with the moving sprites. Regarding gameplay, it may fall to quickly into severe potion-ism (yes, it's like alcoholism with potions) and the control stick doesn't help much when there are several enemies involved. The character isn't customizable but reflects the weapon and armor you equip him with.

In conclusion, a very good dungeon crawling game, improvable in some areas, but that will delight for sure all those hack & slashers out there.

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