Dungeon Hunter 4


Dungeon Hunter 4's review

by Peter Warrior

Dungeon crawling at its best

  • Beautiful cutscenes, voices and storyline
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Typical 3D graphic glitches
  • It might become too repetitive

"Devilish devilness underground"

This game requires a heavy previous download (nearly a Gb). Please, stick to a wifi hotspot before proceeding.

Let's welcome the last Gameloft's game, which as usual doesn't reach new heights in originality. In this case, it may even be forgiven because it's the fourth part of a series, a series inspired on a well-known PC game. Indeed, that PC was also inspired by umpteen earlier games, so we it's safe to say that we are not talking about a genre standing out for its originality anyway.

DC4 has everything you would expect. Graphics have been improved and could be considered as good as any portable game, animations are top-notch and gameplay is balanced enough, both regarding characters and enemies as free and buyable stuff. Here's game for hours before actually having to visit the shop, though have for sure there's going to be moments you'll want to peek there.

Between stages, you eyes will enjoy beautiful cutscenes and an unfolding story. Meanwhile, you'll have to worry about upgrading your equipment (changes will reflect on your character, hooray) and skills, and crafting new stuff as well. If we have to complain about something, it'd be that fights can become repetitive as there isn't any dual button combo system, just a hit button and special attacks. In case that the campaign mode isn't enough, pay a visit to online modes to play co-op or versus other players.

Great game for anyone looking for endless action.

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