Galaxy Legend


Galaxy Legend's review

by Peter Warrior

A sci-fi strategy game

  • Artwork and UI
  • Weeks of gameplay
  • Quests and battles are linear and have little interactivity
  • All the usual flaws of the genre

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"A story that will be told for light-ages"

Galaxy Legend is a strategy management game where you have to upgrade your facilities and manage your resources to overcome missions and defeat enemies, unfolding a pulp sci-fi storyline at the same time.

Artwork is nice, perhaps a little bit too much macho-oriented with unnecessary cyborg cleavages and so; and although this game needs to load every single action or every single tap on a menu option, its creators managed to make you feel it's dynamic and fast.

In the end, if we compare this Galaxy Legend with other similar games, it's quite above average in all areas, but also keeps all the typical flaws of the genre. There's little if any interactivity in battles as everything's fated by stats; quests are linear and have no choices at all; and that time-based building system (pay to build it now) was already boring in the first web browser games and is boring nowadays.

Anyway, if you're into games of this kind, this is pretty good. It might be a bait for newcomers to the online strategy genre, but it's hard they take it.

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May 08, 2014

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