HonorBound (RPG)


HonorBound (RPG)'s review

by Peter Warrior

A straightforward tactical RPG

  • Easier to learn than others of the same genre
  • Linear gameplay
  • Lack of really original elements

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"A witch wearing black betrayed me! how expectedly unexpected"

Honor Bound is a fantasy RPG about a realm in need to be saved from Chaos, you the hero and some allies and spells. On paper, it might well be an epic adventure, but it's really something a little bit humbler.

Your so-called commander must pass through a series of linear levels facing enemies. Battles are turn-based, and in every turn you can either attack or make use of a special ability, every character has up to three of them. Every time you fight you lose energy, which replenishes over time or when leveling up. Although characters abilities can be determinant in battle, these feel linear anyway. Once you lost a battle, you know it means some grinding and some turn-around in the shop to see what you can scrape together.

Cartoon-like graphics, quite manga-nized are good, but nothing we haven't seen a million times before.

In the end, HonorBound is a good game for newbies looking for a way to start in tactical RPGs because gameplay is straightforward and storyline is simple.

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Mar 06, 2014

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