I, Gladiator


I, Gladiator's review

by Peter Warrior

A 3D beat'em-up set in classical Rome

  • Outstanding technical performance
  • Urgently needs character customization
  • 1 Gb additional download

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"Omnia mea mecum porto"

I, Gladiator is a curious mix of several genres at once, because although it's mainly a beat-em-up in which you move more or less freely over a limited stage till you are 'locked on' whoever stands in your way, hits and parries are closer to gladiator or monster hunting games as you have to make gestures to attack and tap a button to block an incoming blow, allowing combos and special, holdable and gorey attacks thanks to an energy bar (the yellow one; you're welcome). Likewise, the comic-like design reminds of superhero games and a sort of storyline may be a lighter version of well-known high-budget PC adventure games.

No need to say that this game is technically outstanding. The videos you can already have seen do not justice to it, and the only remarkable flaws we might highlight are the lack of customization options and how much we would have liked a deeper and more complex plot, let alone cutscenes and secondary characters. Fortunately, a multiplayer option brings this game to the Olympus (yep, I know it's Greek, but Romans kept that, you mythology nerds) of mobile gaming.

As a side note that mercifully shouldn't devalue the rating, no matter how much you pay for the game, there are in-app purchases everywhere in.

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Oct 17, 2013

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