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    Published: 2012-02-20, by Peter Warrior.

    A fantasy real time strategy game.

    • Gameplay
    • Long loadings

    "Heroes assemble!"

    First at all, have in mind that there are 57Mb of additional download required before start playing.

    Legendary heroes is real time strategy game themed in a medieval fantasy setting in which you control heroes, each of them with his or her own special powers. In addition, minions are spawned to serve as cannon fodder and help you to take over enemy towers while protecting yours in order to eventually destroying enemy's Source and win the match.

    Gameplay is rather simple and entails not much difficulty: tap to move, tap to attack and so on. There's a nice step by step tutorial at the early beginning, though it may be too short to learn each hero's special abilities, so you'll find yourself spending experience points in skills you don't know what they do at all unless you memorize them on the character selection screen. It should be said that besides the crusader and other archetypes, there are some rather original characters such as the Sand Queen or the Ghost Emperor that even when aren't the height of originality, aren't what we're used to. Sadly enough, there are less than ten characters to choose among, only four of them selectable at the beginning and only half of all available through in-game currency. As character design is maybe the best virtue of Legendary Heroes, we're sure that players would love to be able to choose among a wider range, in line of old school RPGs with tens of available characters and a nearly endless replayability. Same goes on the amount of missions: 31 may be a pretty number but it might seem too few.

    Graphics are 3D and are quite pragmatic. Music is what it's expected to be, as the item and everything else. In the end, a nice strategy game who will be appreciated by strategy lovers. We can't say it's outstanding or it excels in a certain aspect, but in exchange we should say that there aren't any complaints about it overall. Therefore, you can download it for free and give it a try and even play for several hours without needing to visit the shop because you need special items or whatsoever.

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