Legends Arcana Free (RPG)


Legends Arcana Free (RPG)'s review

A retro-like dungeon crawler

  • Easy to learn
  • 16bit graphics and animations might not be of your liking
  • it could have more different and more spectacular monsters

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"Above the beneathest"

Legends Arcana might disappoint a little bit when you first run it, because a 16bit graphics dungeon crawler isn't what you usually expect to play in the year 2013. However, you'll soon discover it's really enjoyable and very easy to learn, so perhaps we should recommend it to newcomers to the genre instead of hardcore gamers already used to this kind of stuff.

Skill trees and the array of monsters and items is acceptable, though far from other blockbusters. The storyline, presented in comic strips is appreciated. In short, everything does what it should do, but controls, which are too "squared" as they must stick to the invisible tiles the map is made of.

Anyway, a lovely old school dungeon crawler with a few RPG elements (namely XPs and the like) that can be enjoyed for free, unless you want to check the paid version to help Little Killers, its developer.

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Jul 22, 2013

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