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Solid Poké-knockoff: Collect, train, and battle mini-monsters

  • Loads of well-designed monsters to collect
  • Go PvP in the arena
  • Many islands to explore
  • Quests keep things moving
  • Programming bugs cause you to have to restart the app every so often
  • Lack of substantial story

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"Mighty Morphin Power Monsters"

Uken Games' Mighty Monsters might not win any points for originality, but that's entirely beside the point for Pokéfans bemoaning Nintendo's lack of presence in the m-gaming world. If you know and love (and grew up with!) the monster-collecting model, then you're in for a treat, even if it's a very predictable one.

Set your character as a boy or a girl, slap on a nametag, and choose to begin with either a water, fire, or grass monster (see, I told you it was going to tug on familiar heartstrings). Explore the various islands as you level up your critters through battles with wild monsters and other trainers. Unlike the original, Mighty Monsters lets you see wild enemies' presence and type before engaging them in combat, which can offer a distinct offensive advantage if you're proficient in type matching.

Quests keep things moving along as you collect and level up the beasties, although they're admittedly rather repetitive (e.g. "Collect 3 mushrooms!" "Collect 3 bone fragments!" etc etc). Once your team is strong enough, earn your stripes battling PvP style in the arena.

The best part is the wide variety of monsters, which appear to be really well designed and keep you continually curious in the quest for more. A few unfortunate bits: there are a couple annoying bugs in the programming (which other users note as well) that cause you to need to restart the app on occasion. There's also way less in terms of story than in any of the Pokétales, which would have made the experience much richer.

Still, Uken Games' Mighty Monsters is a more than decent option for those missing a mobile pocket monsters game - it's the right balance of collection, strategy, and discovery to keep you coming back to do battle.

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