Pet Battle Adventures - Minox




    Win BIG at the PvP Arena!!!

    - 10,000 UberCoins to all players who accumulated 900 points throughout the next week!
    Payout will be made on the 14th July & 21st July 2014!

    Catch! Train!! Battle!!!

    Do you have what it takes to embark on numerous quests, face wild Minox, and battle against Arena Trainers, to obtain the ultimate title of Master Trainer?

    Get started on the road to a Level 100 Minox! While you train your pet, help town folk with tasks and requests, assist the Secret Agents as they thwart the Fur Traders’ plan to hunt innocent Minox for profit!

    Meet new Minox on your journey, capture them as your pets, train and treat them well, to win lots of titles and prizes in the upcoming PvP Arena!!!

    Come aboard and sail to Minox Island, and may exciting adventures await you!

    Game Features
    - 6 towns to explore along with their surrounding regions
    - 100 levels for pets to train and level up
    - Over 80 NPC quests to complete
    - Unending NPC battles with prizes to be won

    * Important Notes
    - Minimum System Requirements: 2GB ROM, 512MB RAM
    - Minox is entirely free to play. However, some items may only be acquired by cash purchase.
    - Network connection is only required for opening of the game, and to enter PvP Arena.
    - Game is stored on your device, and data will be wiped if app is deleted.

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