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    Published: 2014-03-17, by .

    Strategic match-3 retro fantasy board game puzzle palooza

    • Unique mash-up of strategy, match 3, and board game
    • Great, comprehensive tutorial
    • Balanced, complex, challenging gameplay
    • Retro look is getting.... old

    "Match 3 gone Mach 3"

    There are those games that are genre-less, and then there are those that present a veritable Vegas-style buffet of genres all riddled together into one. Gary Whittle Pixel Defenders Puzzle is a classic board game, a complex fantastic strategy game, and a friggin' match-3 game all at once, done up in oh-so-retro pixel finery, pleasingly reminiscent of the first Final Fantasy titles.

    Each turn, you'll be presented with a tile to place upon the game board. Match three tiles to create a unit, or to upgrade one already on the board. Every turn and match accumulate action points, which you can use through your created units to attack the enemies which appear atop a ledge. If the enemies complete their own turn countdown, they'll rain down hellfire and brimstone (or arrows, or magic, or whatever) on your V.I.P., generally a prettyish princess in peril. There's a zillion little tools and upgrades, gizmos and tricks - it sounds complicated, and it is, and there's a great tutorial that walks you through the basics before you begin.

    I've never seen this intermingling of genres done so well. The complexity of the rules and the gradual ramping-up of difficulty feel balanced and keep you engaged. The retro-pixel look is getting tired, but neither does such a strategy-focused game necessarily require the latest and greatest visuals known to appkind.

    Note that the demo version only includes the tutorial version and the first five levels. Once you shill out for the full version, there are no in-app purchases.

    Gary Whittle Pixel Defenders Puzzle is a seriously clever mash-up; we could call it the Girl Talk of strategy apps. It'll appeal to Chess nerds who secretly dabbled in D&D on the weekends. Come armed with patience, luck, and a plan for the long game.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 17, 2014

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