Pixel Dungeon


Pixel Dungeon's review

by Peter Warrior

Classical dungeon crawling

  • Challenging but easy to learn
  • Smooth interface and gameplay
  • It needs more of everything

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"Advanced Dungeons & Pixels"

Pixel Dungeon is a little jewel among the ocean of Android retro-gaming. This doesn't mean it's the height of originality or whatever, but it's a smooth, well-thought and, in the end, fun game, suited for hardcore RPG players looking for some relaxed gameplay and curious alike. Game is pretty simple to learn, you have only to choose your class (warrior, mage or rogue so far) and roam around a dungeon full of fearsome marsupial rats and other implausible creatures while looking for treasures and, in a Heroquest-like twist, hidden doors. We'd like there was a tutorial, though.

This game is free to play, but it isn't an easy game. In fact, it's quite hard, and you'll have to learn to not face every living monster in your path. By the way, music is charming, and 8bit graphics, lovely.

Please, give this game a go. It may not have a high rating, but hasn't any remarkable flaw either.

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Mar 06, 2014

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