Pixel Quest RPG


Pixel Quest RPG's review


Pixel Quest RPG is a retro RPG game mixed with modern sandbox gameplay experience

  • Retro pixelated graphics
  • Upgrading system
  • Vast world, dozens of quests
  • Controls should be enhanced

"Pixels and RPG match, an indisputable truth"

MMz Tech, the developer of this game, has succeed on keeping the essence of retro RPGs. Not just regarding that cute pixelated graphics but concerning gameplay, upgrading system and turn-based battles.

Pixel Quest RPG stars a noob wizard who's trying to unveil his motherland's mysteries while learning spells and improving his skills. Thus, you'll have to talk to NPCs, accept or decline quests to earn both money and experience that will allow you to upgrade your skills and weaponry. There's no way to evolve in the game without fulfilling dozens of quests. The world of Pixel Quest is vast an live: explore fields and dungeons, visit villages, talk to storekeeper, blacksmith and any other NPC, collect weapons and magic items and, finally, become a legend of Pixel Quest.

Pixel Quest RPG retro graphics are really good if you are fond of pixelated artwork, otherwise it will probably be a nightmare. RPG fans will just love it.

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