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Pocket Legends is a fantasy-themed MMORPG for Android

  • Lots of quests
  • Cool 3D graphics
  • Players from iOS and Android
  • Increasing complexity
  • Connection works properly over 2G, 3G and WiFi
  • Extra downloads (WiFi recommended)
  • Battery killer

"Pocket adventures for big-heart players"

First, should take in account that this game only works online, so you will need WiFi, 2G or 3G connection to run it. It works properly whichever the way getting low ping and no lag. It's better if you play it over WiFi, since it updates always before starting the game, and extra data batches can be heavy. Pocket Legends is a MMORPG, which means that there isn't a final goal beyond the need to level up by fighting and completing missions.

There are 3 kind of characters you can choose: archer, warrior and mage. Each one has its specific skills and abilities, weapons and armor and players can customize characters' appearance at their whim.

There are hundreds of quests. As your character levels up, missions become more difficulty, but it does it gradually. Like other MMORPG, the progress is based on an Experience Points system, that allows players to level up and improve their characters' skills. Besides quests, players must make parties to fight against enemies (it implies a fighting group of characters with different jobs).

The game is set in cool 3D graphics that enrich the experience. The controls are a screen joypad to move on the left side, and a button to attack, select characters or catch items on the right side.

In Alterra (Pocket Legends' world) you'll find some other real players who come from iOS, since the game is cross-platform. Great game.

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