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Aeon Avenger is a RPG game with an interesting gameplay: ready to time-travel?

  • Original gameplay
  • Time-travelling
  • All basic RPG features
  • Controls should be enhanced

"Looking for revenge through time"

There was a time when gods give to humans magical powers as time-travelling. Human being sacrificed that powers for technological evolution. However, some of them still remember how to use them, like Rean's family. Lake, the main character of the story is a guy who lived in a small village until a crew of monsters kill his whole family. Lake will look for revenge and he will achieve it with Rean's help who will teach him the mistery of time-travelling.

As you can see, this is a RPG with an interesting plot and a even more interesting feature: time-travelling. It happens in the past, present and future. The relationships, characters, weapons and skills changes from time to time. This is what makes this RPG such interesting.

Besides that it contains basic features of a RPG: items, weapons and skills. Quest and missions to fullfill, chat with NPG and turn-battles. Cute 2D graphics, map and screenpad to control characters. Controls should be enhanced though, they work fine but not as good as we expected, specially the joystick.

In summary: an interesting gameplay including time-travelling and all the features you expect from a RPG.

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