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RPG Alphadia2 is the sequel of Alphadia, a RPG developed by KEMCO

  • Old-fashioned graphics
  • Upgrading system
  • Storyline
  • More of the same

"'Energi' must flow "

Due to a crisis that erupted 200 years ago, humans have almost lost all their 'energi' which is their inner life force. However, the opposite has happened to Leon, a soldier whose 'energi' has awakened more than usual. Leon will be involved in the most important mission of his life: the one that will guide him to stop the crisis and restore the regular flowing of 'energi'.

There are 6 energi elements to master. What makes the sequel of RPG Alphadia such interesting is that it allows players to enhance character abilities in the way they want. This means that every single player will experience a unique adventure. Obviously, improving skills on any of these 6 elementals only is possible when leveling up. Like in other KEMCO RPGs, the upgrading system is as complete as challenging.

Quests, turn-based battles, special items, trading, hours of conversations with NPCs... All the ingredients that any fan of this genre can't live without. Graphics are still retro-inspired. However, enhancements on scenery are appreciable. Besides that, there's no big difference with nor first part of Alphadia either other KEMCO titles. Just some extra hours of fun for RPG-holics.

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