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Machine Knight is a new RPG developed by KEMCO

  • Level-up system
  • Storyline
  • Retro graphics
  • Dialogues quality
  • More of the same

"Teleporting mystery"

KEMCO is one of the most prolific developers and its field is RPG: they've developed dozens of them, each one featuring a new interesting adventure. This time the plot is a little different: a knight is using portals to travel to unknown lands, trying to fix a mistake made in the past while trying to make the world a better place.

Our hero will be enrolled in challenging adventures. Although storyline is this time quite different, gameplay is still the same: the knight will have to fulfill quests, talk to NPC players, travel through extensive maps and unveil the mysteries that have made him travelling through portals. Battles, items and an interesting level-up system.

Graphics, like always, 8-bit pixelated retro graphics that remind classic RPG like Zelda or even GB Pokemon. It seems that users love this formula.

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Apr 17, 2013

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