The Forest of Doom


The Forest of Doom's review

by Peter Warrior

Gamebooks brought back to 21st century

  • Respectful port of the classic books
  • Outdoes the original reading experience
  • No lite or trial version
  • The app may be more expensive than the real book in a street market

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"Gloomy, spooky, baneful forest"

Gamebook adventures were a popular series of well, you know, books, back in the eighties and nineties, that combined choice-your-adventure mechanics with dice and a character sheet (a simplified version of those "true" role playing games use). It was just a matter of time that someone bring them back from oblivion and updates them. This review applies overall to all the GA and related series, as there are no relevant differences regarding interface of playability between them.

What you can find, as it's the case, are some enhancements regarding the original book. The Forest of Doom, mobile version, includes a cheat mode for you the laziest, an automap system and a few more tweaks to revamp the original gamebook experience.

We won't discuss here the quality of the content, as they are all awesome under thirty years ago standards, but the update is at the same time something great and a missed chance. Great because there are a bunch of lovely little details such as the die rolling on the table and little animations to give the game some pace and intensity. A missed chance because there could have been a lot of new customization options so we would be able to really create our own character, not only in stats, but also in drawing, so to speak.

Anyway, this more than acceptable update on those books we loved so much has to be welcomed and praised because of its professionalism and user-oriented thinking.

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Nov 29, 2013

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