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* Android Compatibility *
DRAKERIDER may not perform as intended on the latest version of the Android devices with Android OS 4.3 or above. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work to address this issue in the coming days.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope that you continue to enjoy playing DRAKERIDER.

Kill or be killed. Experience the perils of adventure with your ferocious sidekick in this brand-new smartphone RPG!

The stage of DRAKERIDER is set in Igraine, a world on the brink of destruction due to the repeated attacks of the Dread. Aran Lawson, once an ordinary tracker, now finds himself as a dragalier—and mankind's final hope. This is the story of our hero and his dragon companion, Eckhardt.

The game lets you take the reins with a battle system like no other. Instead of entering commands, control the chains to execute your strategy. Easing off the reins will allow Eckhardt the freedom to unleash powerful attacks. Too much leeway, however, will trigger his primal instincts, endangering Aran.
Led by Akifumi Kaneko, the game is developed by WITCHCRAFT Inc., famous for their work on various anime and other RPGs. This title maintains the high quality and integrity for which they are known.

The characters are voiced by an array of talented artists, including Ryohei Kimura, Nana Mizuki, Shinichiro Miki, Kana Hanazawa, Keiji Fujiwara, and many others. The powerful theme song "unleash," performed by Shoujyo Byou, accentuates the powerful storyline and intense battles. So why not delve into an originally and finely crafted RPG adventure?

Game System

● The battle is in your hands
Tighten or loosen your grip on the reins by sliding the chains at the bottom of the screen. The gauge at the top of the screen represents its tension. Ease off to unleash powerful attacks and abilities, but give your dragon too much freedom and you will lose control. If you're not quick to pull back the reins, he will turn against you.

● Develop your dragon's abilities
Claim victory in battle to earn CP, which you can use to learn abilities and powerful attacks. Unlocking some abilities will close your path to others, so plan carefully and customize your dragon to suit your needs.

Comments and ratings for DRAKERIDER
  • (58 stars)

    by Eric R on 25/06/2014

    It appears the devs have abandoned this game entirely which is unfortunate because the game is actually well thought out.

  • (58 stars)

    by jermaine williams on 24/06/2014

    Excellent rpg, great for traveling or leisure great combat style.

  • (58 stars)

    by Francis Tsang on 17/06/2014

    Graphics are great for the platform. I was able to load it onto both my Atrix and Kindle and run it without any noticeable lag. The story and character development was in keeping with typical a SquareEnix RPG. I was able to get near end game. Unfortunately, that's where it loses some points. The game uses an auto save feature. This is a double edged sword. It's great for saving your but if you eve

  • (58 stars)

    by Astray Bright on 12/06/2014

    totally nothing happen after i open the game on my nexus 5 , android 4.4.3 , can explain what just happened ???

  • (58 stars)

    by Dyanii Ferguson on 06/06/2014

    It doesn't even load the game when I click it, it tries to load or in my case show up on my screen but fails dramatically. I really want to play this game that is why I bought it in the first place waste of money

  • (58 stars)

    by Derrick Kamo on 03/06/2014

    It doesn't work on my new Asus nexus 7 2013 tablet. Its one of my favorite rpg's on android because of its unique fighting system. I didn't even get to finish the game. I'm only on chapter 2. I just wish they'd fix the game or give me a refund, but we all know there's a snowballs chance in hell of that. BTW I gave the game 5 stars when it worked on my old tablet.......

  • (58 stars)

    by Chong Ann Kang on 02/06/2014

    I hope that you guy can fix the game fast!! I'm user of Note 3