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  • Graphics and monsters are outstanding
  • It's deep but attainaible
  • Storyline could be more enthralling
  • Sometimes you don't know what to do at all
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Expert's Review

"Monsters beware"

Reviewed by / May 30, 2013

An online multiplayer RPG

Avabel is an ambitious multiplayer online role playing game, this is, there are a lot of players playing and sharing the same world at the same time. A gorgeous world, yet also a dangerous one as your primary mission will be to defeat larger-than-life monsters in order to level up and get better items and skills. You can enter a guild of players to explore the more hazardous (and haphazard) dungeons. Two character slots allow to play try different skill trees, though it's unlikely you can manage both when you start.

Avabel is impressing, and in more than a sense it has nothing to envy to any other similar game, even on PC as long as they are played on a browser. Of course, we'd like it better if there were far more customization options, but bearing in mind that it's a mobile game, result is awesome. It won't lure non-RPG players, nor brings any original feature to the genre, but it's a really great game. Good job, Asobimo.

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Developer's original description available here
--About the Game
Action online RPG with ultimate graphics [AVABEL ONLINE]

AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the best in smartphone graphics.
Users can enjoy the games exhilarating features, such as smooth combo strikes, sequential attacks with jump action, etc in the same world. Enjoy hunting monsters and quests in the MMO field "Main Tower" (multiplayer field), or the "Dungeon" in the MO Field (Played by parties or by solo), the PvP (Player versus player), or the tower scramble where a max of 1000 players fight each other in real time all with the best graphics.

The following functions have been added on the update performed on Monday, June 2nd.

--- Game Controller Support
AVABEL ONLINE can now be played with a game controller.
Settings can be done from "Config".
--- Wedding Event will be held
Wedding map added.
Wedding limited quests added.
Wedding limited avatars added.
--- Monthly Ticket Bonus Effects changed
Item stacks increase effects added.
Assigned Premium Exhibit effects added.
--- Fixes in Technical Battle
--- Difficultly levels added to Challenge Dungeon

The following functions have been added on the update performed on Monday, April 28th, 2014.
--- New map added
--- Advanced classes added
--- New visual features added
--- Monsters rebalanced.
--- Monster Avatar added
--- New features on PvP and Guild
--- Easter event is open.

The following functions have been added on the update performed in Tuesday, March 25th, 2014.

--- Technical Battle function added
--- Area Party function added
--- Cherry Blossom event added
--- Google Play Spring campaign

--- Note this game can also be enjoyed for beginners!!
- If it is the first time to play online RPGs
- If you have played MMORPGs for PC but not for mobile and are looking for a full scale 3D online RPG for smart phones
- If you are looking for a free-to-play role playing game, or just crave role playing games
- If you like fantasy games, or action games
- If you want to experience exciting battles
- If you have mastered many RPGs in the past

The game can be enjoyed for all players that apply for the above.
Build your parties and guilds and enjoy the real time adventure as in online RPGs for FREE!


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Breath taking battles & Various Action! MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones

Recently changed in this version

7/30 3.0.1
5/20 2.6.0
4/28 Major update 2.5.1
3/25 Major update 2.0.18
12/16 ~Huge major update now leading to the new Ver2.0~ ver2.0.1
10/21 Major update 1.2.16
9/18 Major update 1.2.11

Comments and ratings for ONLINE RPG AVABEL [Action]
  • (69)

    by jennifernataniel on 18/06/2014

    Hello i am miss Jennifer i was happy to visit your profile here as i am looking for friendship please contact me now to my email jernnifermohamed(@)(yahoo)(.com) so i can tell you more about me with my pictures.

  • (69)

    by JoshDombro on 31/05/2013

    It doesn't say "contains in-app purchases"... Is it possible that this game is both "Free" and actually free? I'm not asking rhetorically, I won't be able to play for a little while, but I'd love to know. This honestly seems too good to be true

  • (69)

    by AnDr3 on 17/04/2013

    Excelente juego.. Es como SoA Online.. 101% recomendado... si entran add me AnDr3..

  • (69)

    by Eos Dawn on 30/07/2014

    Awesome work for a mmo for a phone best one i have seen its a little shaky at the start as there no real guide lines to how to play its dump you in and learn on your and the chat thing covering up the screen is not cool it should be a smaller so you can still see or transparent would be even better the amount of times iv died because of it is insane, other then that the game is good. However somet

  • (69)

    by Michael Ray Guevarra on 30/07/2014


  • (69)

    by Gerald Roco on 30/07/2014

    Can you add some effects in buffs specially in blacksmith. I dont know if my buff still on effect cause there is no sign or effects ill just notice it if my healing starts to become less. And please also put some extra use of elements for example water gives the user a cold effect makes enemy go slow for weapon and resistance to cold for armor. Just a suggestion make the game more fun.

  • (69)

    by Wirah Srisuwan on 30/07/2014

    Game rot very imperfect system