Pirates and Traders

Pirates and Traders

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  • Free, ad-supported
  • Deep and intelligent readable strategy gaming
  • It's too complex for whom
  • Lack of animations and spectacularity
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"The breeze fair aft, all sails on high..."

Reviewed by / Jun 21, 2013

5 best free pirate games for Android - June 2013

You can play as the dread pirate Roberts or any other fictional pirate you want creating him or her. You choose a few traits (gender, nationality) and assign 10 points to the three main abilities: physical prowess, wits and social aptitude. Choose your ship and answer a few questions to you unveil your background and round up your stats and skills. You can start the game thereon.

Pirates and traders ain't an easy game, or at least you can bet it isn't a casual game. It's a complex RPG for a mobile game, with many skills, grades and combinations, both for characters and seafare (of course, simpler than pen and paper RPGs). Map is full of places to go and stuff to be done, and possibilities seem nearly endless. Hardcore old school gamers will definitely fall in love with this game, even though it hasn't spectacular cannon battles and boardings (it's all about Math in the end). In fact, it has no animations at all, but it does have somehow historical rigor.

Therefore, Pirates and Traders will only be enjoyed by a minority of nerd players, but those who do, will do it for weeks...or till steam age begins. This free version is ad-supported and allows to buy gold to make things faster.

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Developer's original description available here
Sail the Caribbean in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Will you be peaceful trader, traveling from island to island with goods trying to exploit circumstances of high supply and demand? Or will you be a rapacious pirate, waging war on sea and on land against the enemies of your country. You decide!

- RPG System with 3 Aptitudes and 20+ skills
- Sail the Caribbean in any of 20 different historical ships
- Customize your ship with more than 20 different improvements

"Pirates and Traders" is ad-supported. Buy "Pirates and Traders: Gold!" to play ad-free and support the continued development of the game.

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Do you miss the version 1 game play of Pirates and Traders? Then "Pirates and Traders: Retro!" is for you. Enjoy!

Note: About savegames and updates: the pop-up you get is a WARNING - 99% of the time, you can continue old savegames with no ill effects.

IMPORTANT: If you have a savegame that Force-Closes when loading - CONTACT US BY EMAIL - and do NOT delete the savegame. Contacting us will allow us to give you instructions regarding how to send us the savegame and makes it much more likely that we can find and fix the error.

Recently changed in this version

- New ship sailing event: reefs
- Added some code to detect/protect against savegame errors.

- Ship sailing events added: storm and scurvy.
- Bug fix that prevented the player from being marooned by mutineers.

- Three new encounters.
- Fixed a f/c bug triggered outside the Cimarron free port.

- Fourth chapter of the Cimarron saga added.
- Fixed a ship combat bug.

Comments and ratings for Pirates and Traders
  • (70)

    by Kian Cheang on 20/04/2014

    Only problem is the storm incident is happening too frequent at sea. Will get 5 stars if we can plunder fort and become pirate city rather than for any country flag. Hope there is bigger ship that can carry more than 1000 pirates. The fort has more than 1

  • (70)

    by Tejo Baskoro on 17/04/2014

    savegame error after loading a save made while fighting in a robbery, got a killed message several turns later, but still able to continue.. clears the error after quitting and loading.. i found MissingVariable doubloon on a robber, too..

  • (70)

    by Garrette Johnson on 15/04/2014

    This game is wonderful and the work is definitely showing. However it consistently freezes up, black screens, or force closes infuriatingly often (commonly five or six times over the course of a few minutes). With that being said I'd gladly give my five d

  • (70)

    by Jonathan Choong on 14/04/2014

    Very addicting game

  • (70)

    by Dustin Strickler on 13/04/2014

    This is my favorite app love the new things that you keep adding keep up the good work

  • (70)

    by Brian Gambardella on 08/04/2014

    I really enjoy playing this game, but I wish there was a little more to it. I'd love to be able to take part in naval battles with the country I have letters from, fight and capture legendary ships, and custom order ships from the harbor.

  • (70)

    by Sydnie Fletcher on 04/04/2014

    This app was working fine but there have been alot of bugs and the app sometimes freezes. Please send an up-date soon! Thanks, A person who really loves this app. :-)