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With 300 different types of items to be found, you will keep finding novel ways to deal with the 130 different types of monsters you will face on your journey! You have time to think, but this is no puzzler - you will have to use your weapons as much as your inventory.

The procedurally-generated dungeon and vast array of possible items gives immense replay value. Some games you'll find a good weapon early, other times you'll rely on wands or potions, or some combination. Sometimes in sheer desperation you'll read a random unidentified scroll... will it be a scroll of fire that incinerates your clothes? Will it be a blessed scroll of teleportation for the ultimate escape?

If you have every played NetHack, DCSS, etc, this game will show you a whole new form of the "roguelike" genre.

This game is as much about the journey as the destination. You will die frequently, but you will learn tricks that will help your next valiant attempt until you one day conquer the dungeon!

When you get good enough to survive to 300 feet, you will be asked to upgrade your character to access the full dungeon. This is a one-off purchase for each type of character (for example, the sorcerer and sorceress are a single type - Evil Mages). The whole game can be played with any character - you only need to purchase your favourite character(s). This can also be seen/purchased in advance under Options/Store.

Some older versions are available from http://wazhack.com/android

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Recently changed in this version

Version 1.2

This major update adds eight new classes and lots of new items and monsters to enjoy with them. For example, the Rogue and the Thief use the now more powerful Stealth stat, but so can any class with the right gear. The Bard starts with a Lute, but you might find a musical instrument as any class.

Other changes:

* OpenGLES2 graphics.
* Secondary weapons on your back
* Three handy equipment loadouts.

Too easy for you? Try the challenging Achievements in the Guild Hall.

Comments and ratings for WazHack
  • (70 stars)

    by Ricky Otto on 17/04/2014

    Awesome rpg

  • (70 stars)

    by Calen Walker on 17/04/2014

    If anyone wants to play multipayer my names xXfeardayXx

  • (70 stars)

    by Patrick Fouse on 16/04/2014

    I was upset that you had to buy it a 300 feet but other than that its great

  • (70 stars)

    by Allen Clark on 14/04/2014

    I understand that development costs money and everything else, but the latest update does leave a bitter taste on the tongue for those of us who bought an earlier version, assuming all future updates were covered. It's still a great game, one of the best

  • (70 stars)

    by Shari Blair on 12/04/2014

    The talents and challenges of the new characters are great, as is discovering new objects. Plus this version runs more smoothly on my device. Unfortunately, it now force closes at random and takes forever to fire up the first time after a hard reset. (On

  • (70 stars)

    by Callum Atkins on 11/04/2014

    Doesn't open for me i get to main menu then won't play can u fix plz

  • (70 stars)

    by joe goody on 09/04/2014

    Really fun. Difficult though. Great game to just pick up and put down