Air Navy Fighters


Air Navy Fighters's review

by Peter Warrior

A 3D combat flight simulator

  • Air to ground missiles, flares and even wheels to land.
  • It's a simulator, but everybody can learn
  • Free, ad-supported
  • We want more of everything
  • If it had multiplayer...

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"Hellfire missiles, oh yeah"

Unlike shmups or arcade pew-pew-pew games, Android users haven't been lucky so far regarding combat simulator games, and that's why this game has been such an enjoyable surprise even when it won't set a new standard in 3D graphics or AI behavior or whatsoever, but it's a comprehensive game that covers all the facets of combat piloting, from the take off to the bombing.

In addition, a smart use of user interface, in which we swipe sidewards to change between flying and combat mode, makes this game dynamic and thrilling. There are many missions to fulfill (grouped in a campaign, don't miss the briefings, they're worth their weight in gold) and the chance to download more. Music can be turned off, put mildly, but radio voice overs are great,

Lastly, it wouldn't be a great simulator game if it wasn't worthy to crash just to see how it is. So take off and crash. in fact, that's the most likely result of your first game (you start on a carrier) if you don't play the tutorial stages first.

This game has been developed by Rortos, who thought it was a good idea to atomize his work into several different apps.

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