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AirTycoon Online's review

by Peter Warrior

An airline simulator

  • Amount of stuff
  • "realistic" environment
  • Strategy and management fans will love it
  • More original stuff would be great (weather, security)
  • Animations, TV news, loudspeaker: FX welcomed

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"Passengers to Kuala Lumpur, please proceed to gate 3"

In our original review on AirTycoon we missed a mode to play online. Here it is, downloaded separately.

For your convenience, you can read below our original review on Air Tycoon 3.

Air Tycoon is a turn-based strategy game in which you manage an airline. It's both micro-management, there's a lot of micromanagement to maximize profit for every plane and terminal, from how much tickets cost to how much your staff earn; and macro-management, when you decide to cancel existing routes and open new ones.

The amount of info is huge, with several hundred real airports (yep, rush to find yours!) and airplanes, every one with its own stats and upgradeable individually. There's also people and cargo traffic, leasing options if you can't spend on brand-new planes but want not to go second-hand, a fuel market ups and downs conditioning the whole thing and more, much more.

In case it wasn't clear enough, it's a very comprehensive game, replayable many times just by changing your initial airport or strategy.

Graphics and user interface are adequate. More animations and loudspeaker voices would have been greatly welcomed, and in a macabre way, accidents and terrorism should have been an issue, too, let alone weather and natural disasters.

Anyway, recommendable for management and strategy freaks. It can be played for free for two in-game years.

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